1. The first pond
    • design
    • construction
    • filter system
    • maintenance
    • mistakes

  2. The second pond
    The picture on our home page was taken 3 years after the second pond was completed.
    The vegetation is 3 years old.
    • design
    • errors corrected from first pond
    • Construction The construction page has a dozen pictures (jpg) on it. Please be patient while they download. Thank you.
    • Here is a behind the scenes look at the filter system for the ponds.
    • maintenance
      • filter
      • pump and plumbing
      • pond
    • mistakes

  3. Pond Pictures - Winter 2001-2002
    Here are some of the events that occurred around our pond.

  4. Pond Pictures - Summer 2003
    Here are some of the pond scenes taken in the early summer of 2003. There are 14 pictures on this page. We believe that they are worth seeing so please be patient if you have a 56K modem.

  5. Mural Pictures - Summer 2006
    We had a mural painted on the back of the house of our pond.

  6. Pond Pictures - Summer 2007
    Here are some of the pond scenes taken in June 2007.


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