The First Fridenstine Project

Let the digging begin. {The new hole in the back yard.}

The first step in the construction of the first pond was to remove the existing sod in the yard. Once the sod was removed, the outline of the pond was determined and the digging (shown on the left side) commenced. After several days of hard labor, by myself in this case, the pond started looking like a long hole in the ground.

Hole for sump plumbing {Plumbing at the sump end of the pond.}

This is what a raw pond looks like. I mixed and poured the concrete. There was no rebar used in the pond walls. The picture on the left shows the pond with water in it for the first time. The rock outline defines the landscaping around the pond. The picture on the right shows the second filling and the waterfalls on the end.

The beginning of a jungle.

This is the beginning of a new back yard. The soil was roto-tilled and a thick layer of "small"bark chips was added. The date of this picture is June 1981.

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