• How we became interested in Koi
    We started with a water garden and after a year, we introduced Koi to watch them swim around in the pond. The water garden initially contained lilies which we removed so that we would have a better view of the Koi.

  • Types of Koi
    This is a 5 page subject and way beyond the scope of this web page.

  • Koi Diseases
    • Aeromonas

  • Feeding Koi
    Temperatures at 50° and above, feed the Koi an amount of food that will be consumed in 10 minutes; we do not feed the Koi when the temperatures are below 50° . At temperatures below 50° the Koi eat the algae on the sides of the pond.

  • Other Koi stuff
    Over the past two years, we have vaccinated our Koi in the fall and have had no Aeromonas problems.
    We salt the pond in the spring in response to the ever present fish lice.
    We add 3 pounds of salt for every 100 gallons of water for a .03 concentration.
    We add 5 pounds of salt for every 100 gallons for a .05 concentration for 3 weeks.
    For the past 3 years, we have used medicated food for a two week period. If you wish to add a medicated food, find a source for fresh medicated food as the chemicals degrade rapidly with age.

  • Read the "true" story of the fur bearing Koi.

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