The Himmel Picture Page

Himmel was our pride and joy. We were blessed to have him from 1994 to 2006.

Himmel, our "rescue" Standard Schnauzer. He was abandoned at an animal shelter in Aurora, Colorado back in the summer of 1994 and was rescued by our daughter Kathi. He was very intelligent and loved to bark at the squirrels and UPS trucks. Himmel also loved to go for rides in the van, whether it was around the corner and down the block or up state to a Koi show.

We miss him deeply.

{My door, not yours}

Himmel has his own door for backyard strolls. In the evening he sits by the pond and watches the Koi with Dad & Mom.

{I'm waiting, I'm waiting ...}

Himmel always gets presents and presents for his birthday.

{I have a dog license, I get a driver license}

Himmel anticipates a ride to the hardware store 'cuz Dad always needs more stuff.

{coolest of the canines}

On those hot California summer days, one must relax and keep cool in style.


Himmel and Mom discuss the finer points of a fine wine.


Himmel chomps on his munch puppy.


Himmel waits for dinner with his ever ubiquitous munch pup.

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